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Read 50 books: Currently at 40, with half of the year to go, I think I'll manage.

Read bigger books: I haven't finished another huge one since March but I'm doing okay. What I've noticed however is that I don't shy away from long books as much anymore. I made myself a new spreadsheet from scratch to track certain aspects of my reading, and then I tried to reconstruct my 2016 books to have the direct comparison, and I read a LOT of very short books last year. No wonder I made it to 112, they barely had any pages. My current average pages per book are 255, which is alright.

Read more non-fiction: Not really. Although I read a book of essays recently, All the Lives I Want by Alana Massey, which I thought was fantastic. It's all about women, pop culture, how women are presented in the media, but also about mental illness, really gave me a new perspective on some things.

Read more physical books: Definitely. I still read ebooks and audiobooks, but over 55% have been physical books. (Last year: 20%)

Read more books that I know I'll enjoy: Also going well. I'm particularly good at not taking many risks when I actually buy books. I have a good feeling for what I'm going to like. On a related note, I'm getting better at DNFing books that I don't like. Not if I've spent money on them though.

Read more classics: Not since the last update.

Read books I've had for a long time: I'm slowly getting to them. I even made some progress in The First Five by Henry Rollins, which I've been reading for literal years because it's so bleak and depressing that I can't manage more than a few pages at a time.

Read two French books: Finished the first Harry Potter in May and haven't started a new one since, but now this book club thing is happening I'm probably going to join in with Chamber of Secrets in French as well. A chapter a week I can just about manage.

Other stuff: I'm about halfway through Lord of the Rings, I could be reading faster but I keep getting distracted by other books. It's really enjoyable though and not nearly as dry and slow as I expected. No other goal books finished.

Book buying ban: I haven't bought a book since June 4! I got three free ones though. That's okay since I'm not spending money. I also implemented a system where I can "earn" money to spend on books by reading a certain amount of pages each day, that's working quite well so far. I'm almost certain that I will cave in at some point but for now I'm quite proud that I was good for a month.

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Monday, 12 June 2017 10:12 am
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I decided to try a new reward system for my reading. I've been feeling unmotivated to read for the past two weeks but naturally still want to buy all the books all the time, so I came up with a great idea.

If I read 50 pages in a day I get 10 cents. If I read 150 pages or more I get 20 cents. Daily earnings can't exceed 20 cents so I won't be tempted to binge-read. I'm allowed to spend the money on books once I've got enough, but only that and not more.

The only real challenge will be to keep track of pages.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017 11:16 pm
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I’m the kind of guy that, when I see geese, I go: “All right, geezers?” and I think that’s hilarious. And they’re just looking at me going: “Like I haven’t heard that one before, you prick.”

- Liam

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Saturday, 20 May 2017 09:30 pm
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Despite or because of my utter failure at sticking to my book buying ban even for a short amount of time, I decided to try again. There's a book I'm really looking forward to coming out in November, and ideally I won't buy anything until then. I own 133 unread books and I have a huge list for the library again, so I don't think I'll run out anytime soon. My downfall is always seeing that a book is cheap right now, so I have to buy it before it's either gone or not cheap anymore. Today I already resisted buying American Gods (only 5.99!) and instead only bought birthday presents for my dad. Good girl.

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Monday, 15 May 2017 02:28 pm
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Halfway through May book situation! I just finished Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers, at 305 pages the longest French book I've read to date. I'm glowing.

I'm a bit over halfway through The Fellowship of the Ring and that's what I should be concentrating on, considering I started reading it back in March. But we'll see how that goes, it's not exactly a quick read. So I've got a German mystery novel on the side! And a bind-up of 47 mystery short stories! And the illustrated edition of the same book I JUST FINISHED! Just in case I get bored.

I feel like I need a Potter break, but the Pottermore Book Club thing is happening in June, so... I'll have to see what that's all about. I feel like I'm not ready for the next one. It was actual work to read it in French, and that did take away from my enjoyment, so now I think I should wait until I'm in the mood instead of forcing myself.

My next French book will be a middle grade-ish mystery novel by Christian Grenier that I bought on a whim last year, it's shorter and it shouldn't be too hard.

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Monday, 8 May 2017 05:57 pm
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I carved your name across my eyelids
You pray for rain, I pray for blindness

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Saturday, 6 May 2017 08:36 pm
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I am heavy
Can I beat within your heart?
Can I bleed within your love?

Reading goals update

Sunday, 9 April 2017 11:37 am
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Why not.

Read 50 books: I've read 21 books so far so I'm well ahead, but I knew that. 50 is a pretty safe goal for me.

Read bigger books: Going okay, I read one book over 600 pages, two over 500 and one over 400. And I'm currently reading The Lord of the Rings, which has over 1,100 pages.

Read more non-fiction: Fail. I've read three memoirs and one of Russell's football books, which wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I said non-fiction.

Read more physical books: Definitely doing this and pleased with it. Out of 21 books 13 were physical copies, four ebooks, four audiobooks.

Read more books that I know I'll enjoy: I think I'm doing this? I've had a couple of 2-star reads already, but they were books I picked up thinking I'll like them, so... I'm not sure. I'm trying to read whatever I'm in the mood for.

Read more classics: I've read Jane Eyre and really liked it. I guess I've also read a couple that are considered modern classics, like In Cold Blood?

Read books I've had for a long time: Not really got around to this yet. I went through my Amazon order history, found out which books I've had the longest and tried to push them to the top of the priority list, but I'll have to see what I'm in the mood for.

Read two French books: I read a big chunk of Harry Potter when I had to do a lot of waiting the other day and now I've got less than 100 pages left, which is great.

Out of the more book-specific goals I set myself I have checked off two and a half, I read The Master and Margarita, the first Cormoran Strike book (loved both), and I also read The Hobbit and am currently reading LotR. I have yet to start the next Agatha Christie book, because I kind of realised that once I've read them that's it, I know what happens, it will never feel the same way again. So I might try and save them a bit more instead of ploughing through the series.

Something that wasn't a goal but is a really fun thing I'm doing now is use the library. Unfortunately they have a really tiny selection of foreign language books, but I decided it would be a great opportunity to try some German and German-speaking authors, because I don't really know what I like. I know a lot of classics but hardly anything contemporary. The first book I picked was the winner of last year's German Book Prize and it was a huge disappointment. But since I didn't spend any money on it that's perfectly fine.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017 11:32 am
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and all I wanted was a sliver to call mine
and all I wanted was a shimmer of your shine
to make me bright

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 04:54 pm
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I wish I liked really quick, easy, stupid books. Everything I want to read exhausts me. That doesn't mean I don't want to read it, I just wish I could somehow skip the process and have already read it.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017 12:55 pm
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I've been watching videos about book buying bans, mainly to distract myself from my own, and I've seen a surprising number of people say things like "You buy a book, you're really excited about it, but then you don't read it immediately and probably never will." Who says I won't? A book doesn't expire.

I have books that I bought 10 years ago and haven't read. I'm not planning on throwing them away. I read a book last year that I bought in 2009, that I adored, and that I feel like I wouldn't have appreciated as much had I read it right away.

I'm not a person whose taste changes every 6 months. If I bought a book a couple of years ago, I can be pretty certain that I still want to read it now. It's okay. It's not going anywhere. Stop it with the assumptions, the pressure, and the panic about unread books.

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Sunday, 5 February 2017 08:46 pm
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This made me feel something today.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017 01:41 pm
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I was just having some thoughts about translated books. On one hand, awesome. The more languages a book is translated into, the more people can read it, which is fantastic. Also, people who learn languages can pick up their favourite books in their target language, something I do all the time. On the other hand, there's my personal allergy to translations. I always feel like I’m not reading the real story. I'm German but I read all my (non-German) books in English, unless it wasn't originally written in English, then it doesn't really matter.

I'm currently obsessed with Booktube, and being German I'm always looking for some German booktubers to watch, but everyone seems to read translations. And I'm not saying that's a bad thing, not everyone can read English fluently, not everyone cares, that's perfectly fine, but then I hear them say things like "I really disliked this author's writing style" and I'm like nooo you didn't even read the author's actual words! It's like listening to the cover version of a song, it might be really beautiful, but it might just be a thoroughly awkward interpretation. I like to know the original artist's intentions.

There's a whole website dedicated to all the 1,400+ errors in the German translations of Harry Potter. How many people are blaming JKR for certain passages that don't make any sense, because they will never know any better?

Of course it depends on the type of book too. I read The Great Gatsby last year and loved it, my mother decided she wanted to read it too, and picked up her own translated copy. I warned her that what I enjoyed most about it was the writing, not necessarily the plot, so her experience might be very different. She didn't finish the book because she didn't like it. Which is fine, she prefers very fast-paced, plot-driven books, I read a lot of books with very little plot just for the beauty of the language. You can probably read a whodunnit mystery novel in any language and it still works, but I shudder at the thought of reading something like Lolita in German. I will never touch that, because you can't touch that.

This probably sounds very snobby. I'm not saying you have to go and learn German to read Goethe. I just know that for myself, I find it hard to say I liked or didn't like something if I know I didn't read what the author wrote.

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Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:25 pm
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I finished Shadow Magic by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett a couple of days ago and I... miss the characters. In a weird way. It's a 4-book series and each book is about a different set of characters in the same world, which is really interesting. After the first one I was like "aww, that was awesome, I can't wait to find out what happens next" but when the second book ended I was like "no! I'm not READY!" Then I dreamed of it two nights in a row. Caius Greylace stole my heart.

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