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v ([personal profile] violetcities) wrote2017-07-02 03:06 pm

Reading goals 2nd quarter update

Read 50 books: Currently at 40, with half of the year to go, I think I'll manage.

Read bigger books: I haven't finished another huge one since March but I'm doing okay. What I've noticed however is that I don't shy away from long books as much anymore. I made myself a new spreadsheet from scratch to track certain aspects of my reading, and then I tried to reconstruct my 2016 books to have the direct comparison, and I read a LOT of very short books last year. No wonder I made it to 112, they barely had any pages. My current average pages per book are 255, which is alright.

Read more non-fiction: Not really. Although I read a book of essays recently, All the Lives I Want by Alana Massey, which I thought was fantastic. It's all about women, pop culture, how women are presented in the media, but also about mental illness, really gave me a new perspective on some things.

Read more physical books: Definitely. I still read ebooks and audiobooks, but over 55% have been physical books. (Last year: 20%)

Read more books that I know I'll enjoy: Also going well. I'm particularly good at not taking many risks when I actually buy books. I have a good feeling for what I'm going to like. On a related note, I'm getting better at DNFing books that I don't like. Not if I've spent money on them though.

Read more classics: Not since the last update.

Read books I've had for a long time: I'm slowly getting to them. I even made some progress in The First Five by Henry Rollins, which I've been reading for literal years because it's so bleak and depressing that I can't manage more than a few pages at a time.

Read two French books: Finished the first Harry Potter in May and haven't started a new one since, but now this book club thing is happening I'm probably going to join in with Chamber of Secrets in French as well. A chapter a week I can just about manage.

Other stuff: I'm about halfway through Lord of the Rings, I could be reading faster but I keep getting distracted by other books. It's really enjoyable though and not nearly as dry and slow as I expected. No other goal books finished.

Book buying ban: I haven't bought a book since June 4! I got three free ones though. That's okay since I'm not spending money. I also implemented a system where I can "earn" money to spend on books by reading a certain amount of pages each day, that's working quite well so far. I'm almost certain that I will cave in at some point but for now I'm quite proud that I was good for a month.