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20 Random Facts About Sirius Black by [ profile] theleapingmuse - PG
At least you could fix the toe.

Ages Of Ink by [ profile] copperbadge - PG-13
A story in pictures, a history in scars.

Anastasia & Spinning Jenny by [ profile] librae - R
Grimmauld Place is eating Sirius alive.

And There Will Be... by [ profile] blacksatinrose - PG-13
Any relationship has a million defining points, small and large. Here are seven.

All Soul's Day by [ profile] phineasjones - PG
Remus waits. Sirius returns.

Angels, And Arise, Arise by [ profile] imochan - R
A space to breathe in.

Beautiful, Once by [ profile] imochan - PG-13
mad, mad, ruthless, beautiful frighteninglovely thing

Diamonds And Rust by [ profile] cobalt_violet - PG
Sirius's guilt catches up with him. Remus let it all go a long time ago.

Direction by [ profile] taffetablue - PG
He has found and is beginning to understand the secrets of the lost.

Faintly Amazon by [ profile] librae - PG
Sounds like rice, like someone pouring rice on the roof.

Gypsy Soul by [ profile] ignipes - R
A love story in ten parts.

It Must Be The Flu by [ profile] ladyjaida - PG
One day Remus Lupin realizes he is in love with Sirius Black.

It's Not The Years, Honey, It's The Mileage by [ profile] thistlefics - R
And I pray thee now tell me, for which of my bad parts didst thou first fall in love with me?

Memories Of A Bridge by [ profile] dea_liberty - G
There was a time once when a pair of boys came around these parts.

No. 12 In A Series by [ profile] librae - G
Letters written at two in the morning.

October Breaks Our Branches by [ profile] angelgazing - PG-13
Everything's in code now, and Sirius doesn't know what it really means.

Of Pressure by [ profile] statelines - PG
Is this a release or a build-up of pressure?

On Where He Stands by [ profile] txilar - PG
Remus remembers and, for a brief moment, thinks he smells apples.

Portrait by [ profile] _lazyjane - PG
I would use an ocean for your mouth.

Rain by [ profile] thistlefics - R
Some things can't be washed away.

Second Star To The Right by [ profile] moony - PG
All he knows is that they are rising, faster and faster, closer to the darkness though the stars never change.

Sticky by [ profile] kabapple - PG
Sirius has developed an interesting habit to help him regain his memories post-Azkaban, and Remus isn't sure he likes it.

South Sea Bubbles by [ profile] shaggydogstail - PG
Sirius wants to burn.

That The Science Of Cartography Is Limited by [ profile] dorkorific - R
There is a part of Remus that not only believes, but knows that Sirius will come back.

The Dark Center Of The Universe by [ profile] anniesj - R
"I know you're there."

The Drought Story by [ profile] librae - PG
A story about the drought in '76, and Sirius's annoyingly melancholy penpal, and dead birds, of course.

The Needle And The Damage Done by [ profile] anniesj - R
It's been six years since Azkaban, and Sirius still will not tell Remus what the tattoos mean.

The Patronus Charm by [ profile] krabapple - PG-13
Remus tries to re-teach Sirius the Patronus Charm, but there are obstacles on both sides.

Touches by [ profile] imochan - R
Remus wasn't scared. He was convinced of that, if anything.

Untitled 04 by [ profile] losselen - PG-13
Sometimes I just look at you and there's this lurch that storms through my stomach and if that's love, it'll burn me up. I swear to Merlin it'll burn me up like a piece of paper.

Villanelle by [ profile] scythia - PG-13
Remus knows his abilities and knows his limitations not least because Sirius has enumerated them for him multiple times in his Now I Shall Hold Forth moments, but also because Remus keeps a tally with a stub of a Muggle pencil of Reasons Why He Will Leave Me One Day and only Sirius could have taught him to be so cruel.

We'll Both Forget The Breeze by [ profile] sioniann - PG
In winter, time seems to trickle down with the melting snow.

Worldly Goods by [ profile] penknife - PG
He wishes he knew how to break.

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