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I've been watching videos about book buying bans, mainly to distract myself from my own, and I've seen a surprising number of people say things like "You buy a book, you're really excited about it, but then you don't read it immediately and probably never will." Who says I won't? A book doesn't expire.

I have books that I bought 10 years ago and haven't read. I'm not planning on throwing them away. I read a book last year that I bought in 2009, that I adored, and that I feel like I wouldn't have appreciated as much had I read it right away.

I'm not a person whose taste changes every 6 months. If I bought a book a couple of years ago, I can be pretty certain that I still want to read it now. It's okay. It's not going anywhere. Stop it with the assumptions, the pressure, and the panic about unread books.

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